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About PaolaS
The goal of any business is to create new customers and the first step is to let them know you exist. The second is to make them your friends, because people buy from people and brands they like.
That's exactly what social media does.
In the past, having a social media presence was beneficial now businesses that are not using social media properly are not only missing out on an opportunity but also sustaining damage because of their absence/poor quality.

I am a social media expert and I will manage your social media channels.

Here are the services I offer:

•Managing the day to day activity on social media networks. Social media managers make sure the accounts are updated daily and that messages and content is timely and relevant to the business.
•Handles customer services online, monitoring and responding to any customer issues.
•Keeping on top of trends and alerting their business or charity to their possibilities
•Finding great content.
•Design, run and monitor social media campaigns.
•Continually measure performance using social media network analysis tools.
•Provide feedback to management teams.
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