About Us

SmallJobs is a service provided by Adesiyan.Com
Last update: June 2015

Micro Jobs Website
After seeing the success of the many micro jobs website and noticing how difficult it is for Africans to make payment and receive their earnings, we decided it was time to create a similar website, but one that made it easy for any African to make and receive payments.

SmallJobs is open to all including Africans
While Smalljobs is open to every and anyone from any country, you will quickly find that we have designed it to ensure African payment gateways are prominent and available for users to make deposits in Africa. If you are Nigerian, we are also able to accept payment for Gigs with ATM, Credit or Debit cards.

Employ Yourself
Besides, the ability of people to make and receive payments, we are confident that the SmallJobs will help its users to increase their financial bottomline.  If you are unemployed, here is the place to employ yourself and make real money by showing people what you can do.  If what you are looking for is extra income, there is no better place than the SmallJobs marketplace.


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