10 Reasons to check your SmallJobs Account Daily

SmallJobs is doing everything possible to ensure the correct traffic is driven to the jobs you have created.  We know your skills and we have a good idea where to get potential buyers to come and see what you have to offer.  The question then arises that when they see your job, what next?  A lot of sellers have not bothered to check their Account in over a month and that gives the impression that the seller is not serious.  We have therefore highlighted 10 reasons for you to check your account daily even when no one has bought a job from you.


See the latest Views

6 See messages in your Inbox
2 Share your Jobs on Social Media 7 Check your Jobs to make changes if needed
3 Check your Feedbacks 8 Connect with Customers
4 Give Offers and Discounts 9 See Competitor Jobs
5 You know it makes sense 10 Chat with us

See your latest Views – login to see if SmallJobs have sent any traffic to your jobs.  This is key as our most important responsibility to you it to send traffic to your jobs.  We send traffic to your jobs from Facebook and MyClickAds.

Check in your Inbox -  It is vital that you check any messages sent to you on a daily basis. When a potential buyer or previous buyer sends you a message in SmallJobs, we forward the message to the email address you provided to us.  Sometimes, this email gets filtered into your junk mail box and you really need to start checking your junk mail box so you do not lose vital emails from SmallJobs and any other providers.  When emails are not responded to in good time, it can be a turn-off for buyers.

Share on Social Media – While we send a lot of traffic to your jobs, it is also necessary that you share your own jobs with the people who are connected to you on social media.  This compliments our traffic and experience has shown it helps to increase the amount of relevant traffic that is sent to your jobs.  Get your friends to know you are on SmallJobs and get them to SHARE, TAG, LIKE and COMMENT your jobs as well.

Check your Jobs – It is important to keep looking at your jobs to see what could be changed to make it more attractive to potential buyers.  You could change the wordings of your jobs.  You could increase the content of what you are offering to get people to buy.  It is your responsibility as much as it is ours to get people to buy your job. 

Check your Feedbacks – Feedbacks are a fantastic way of knowing what people think about your jobs.  Good feedbacks mean it is getting better and not so good feedbacks mean there are issues you need to attend to.  It may also be necessary to add your own comments to feedback so people reading feedbacks may know your views too.

Connect with Customers – you do not need to have customers to connect with potential customers.  Get on to the SmallJobs Facebook page and make comments on your own jobs.  Some people ask questions on the Facebook page, but if you never visit the SmallJobs page on Facebook or Twitter, you will never know what they are saying – http://www.facebook.com/smalljobsafrica.  If you have had customers in SmallJobs, why not find out how they are doing and that may just remind them of your existence all over again.

Give Offers and Discounts – one way to really catch the attention of your potential customers and existing customers is by offering them DISCOUNTS and periodic OFFERS. Let them have 1 extra Job for FREE if they order 2 jobs for instance.

See Competitor Jobs -  It is a very good idea to see what other jobs are similar to your own and the other jobs in the same categories as yours.  This lets you compare your jobs to other’s and see if you are competitive and offering what potential buyers want.  You must not be an highland, see what other people are doing.

Chat with SmallJobs – We have very experienced staff that have the ability to make your jobs standout from the rest.  They have excellent ideas and are waiting for you to ask them to help.

You know it makes sense – Who has a job and does not visit the office? Who has a small business and does nothing to grow the business?  You know it makes sense when you visit your business and see what you can do to make it better daily.

We have put these 10 reasons together to help you get the best out of working with SmallJobs and it is my hope that you will use these tips to be one of the top sellers in SmallJobs.

Please feel free to write to us at info@smalljobs.com.ng for more information or just have a chat with a member of staff online today.

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