What Would you Do For $5?

To many people, $5 may not be a lot of money, but we know here at SmallJobs that the majority of the millions of working age people in Africa do not earn this amount of money daily. It is not difficult to find people on the streets of Lagos, Accra or Nairobi and so on who earn less than $50 per month. It therefore means that for such people, doing a day's job for $5 is a big deal. Whichever way you look at it, SmallJobs has been designed to bring together under one roof, people who have skills and people who are in need of those skills. Skilled people create jobs that other people are looking to buy depending on their education and life experiences.

The SmallJobs website is one that should really be undertaken by the African Governments, but we have taken it upon ourselves to create a forum where every African is able to tell other Africans what they can do. On SmallJobs, there are Sellers and there are Buyers.

If you are looking for work, now is the time to go over to the SmallJobs website, register and list all the jobs you can do as carefully as possible. There are no limits on the number of jobs you can create and that's because we would like to see you earn as much money as possible.

It is obvious that many people can do jobs for which they should be paid lots of money, but all we ask is that you only list what you are prepare to do for $5. If people want more than the $5 worth of your work, they will either buy more or come back again for you to do more work for them. SmallJobs allows you to create "Job Extras" where you'll be able to offer the buyer more work for more money.

People looking for skilled workers will be able to choose from the pool of jobs you have create on SmallJobs and you just never know, yours may be chosen and some will pay you for doing a job and for doing what you really want to do. Here are a few examples of the sort of jobs you could place on SmallJobs.

  • I will wash 5 sets of police uniforms for $5.
  • I will advertise your website on Facebook pages until you get 20 extra like for $5.
  • I will polish 10 pairs of shoes for $5.
  • I will braid hair for a girl for $5.
  • I will do your shopping in Oshodi market and deliver to your office for $5.
  • I will write a 500 hundred words article with images to illustrate for $5.
  • I will advertise your business on oneĀ  page of my website for 5 days for $5

The jobs you can list on the SmallJobs website are endless.

How Do I get Paid?
Getting paid for the jobs you do on SmallJobs is probably the easiest bit as you could choose to get paid into your OnlineNaira account or PayPal. People looking to buy your jobs will always pay upfront, but you will not get the money until the job is completed. With OnlineNaira or PayPal, you will be able to withdraw your hard-earned money into your bank account anywhere in Africa.

The question today is, what things would you do for $5?

Visit the SmallJobs website for more details - http://www.smalljobs.com.ng

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